Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dusting for decibels

To show that Internal Struggle likes more styles of music than just hardcore and metal I felt it was my duty to put the very under-rated Dewey Decibel up to throw some beauty into this mix of patches and angst. The now defunct Dewey Decibel were a a rare thing, a rock band with pop sensibilities from Nashville that I was actually impressed by. Alex Baker's vocals alone are amazing enough to make you turn your head and pay attention to what he has to say, but then add in the great composition that this band formulates and you have something truly great. It saddened me so much to see this band die away especially because they mainly played small house shows when they should have been playing Next Big Nashville, SXSW, Pitchfork, and fuck it, every other music festival in the world. To add to the bummer wave this is the only release the band put out, so if you want more of these jams then you're completely shit out of luck. With all that being said you should totally download this.

                                                        The Dusting

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Since there is still no ModernHell full length out yet (though their second 7" Black Sermon is coming out in July) I came to the conclusion that their first ep Premonitions should get some attention on Internal Struggle. This very short ep is only three songs and clocks in at just under four minutes and it shows the band in their infancy though I don't mean that in a bad way at all. The sound on this ep is much more straight ahead hardcore (with hints of early AFI) than their current sound which takes that hardcore attitude and throws in some mathy goodness to confuse you 4/4 head-bangers out there. I'm pretty sure they only made around a hundred of these so I figured some people missed out on this ep or maybe you just lost it in that crevice in your car that eats things. So here it is, and if you still don't have a copy of their most recent ep Cult Hazing you should probably do yourself a favor and pick that up, you cheapskate.


Also, you should go to the release show for the Black Sermon 7" on July 29th at The Little Hamilton Collective, But I guess that's all up to you isn't it?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fuck Yeah

With the eminent release of the Brainwreck/Dawn split on the horizon I thought it would be appropriate to post up some Brainwreck for anyone who has never heard them (if you're from Nashville and have never heard of them, shame on you) or for anyone who never got a copy of the great No Power ep. Brainwreck is one of the few straight up hardcore bands that came into the Nashville underground scene in the past few years and were welcomed with flailing bodies and clenched fists when they played live. Their style of Hardcore was a mixture of fuck everything hardcore and power violence that made their shows erupt into a frenzy. When people went to a show that Brainwreck was playing they always knew they were gonna wake up with a bang-over the next day at the least. This ep is short, loud, pretty lo-fi, and is filled with all the energy that goes into a good hardcore album. Honestly I could talk about how great this band was for days so I'm gonna let the music say the rest. The last thing I will say is that they are planning to have an official last show/reunion show (date is still TBA) for the release of the split, so put that on your to-do list right above going completely ape-shit.


                                                        No Power

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Black death spreads

Before Jeff The Brotherhood decided to add Brotherhood to their name and before Cy Barkley started writing Ramones inspired songs about duster, there was The Tennessee Black Plague. In the very evil year of 2002 Jake, Jamin, and Cy grabbed an old boss sampler and a guitar and started writing noisy songs about the black plague hitting Nashville, TN. What followed were a couple great shows at Guido's and this recording released under the now Nationally known Infinity Cat label that the Orrall brothers created. The six songs on this ep are full of feedback, scratchy drum machines, distorted vocals, and a whole lot of tongue in cheek attitude (which all of the Orrall's projects were filled with at the time). From what I can tell at this point most of these early Infinity Cat recordings are now permanently out of print, so I will occasionally throw some on here so everyone can see what life was like before Be Your Own Pet.

                                      The Tennessee Black Plague

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The children are our future

To keep things rolling here I'm gonna follow up with a newer band out of Nashville. Fenris are a group of young dirty kids playing dirty music, so there for I think they kick ass. I can never stress enough how much I love it when I get to see the next generation rise up into the scene and these kids are definitely  doing it. Very heavy stuff tinged with melodic clean parts and vocals that keep the mood just under complete misanthropy.

                                                          Animals EP


Hey everyone!
Since this is my first post on Internal Struggle I think I'm gonna keep it pretty simple. So for starters here is a Nashville band that I've been listening to a lot lately and remembering how awesome they were. The band is Hollywood and the album is Starving Artists. If you're from Nashville, into hardcore, and haven't heard this, you probably have been living in your mother's basement, watching all the star trek movies, and eating pizza rolls for far too long. So tell your mom you're moving out while listening to this.

                                                   Starving Artists

P.S. sorry for the awkward download. I had a bit of trouble figuring things out.