Monday, September 26, 2011

Pills, injections, and psychosis

Named after a anti-psychotic, Haldol is definitely manic to say the least. Featuring members of Karoshi and Brainwreck, Haldol plays a mixture of crust, goth, surf and what ever other influences pop into the head of Geoff Smith late at night while he reads Dostoyevsky. This is only half of their upcoming EP titled "Contradictions" but from what I hear from these three songs it is something you will wanna pick up for sure when they finally press it. "Conversations With Holy Men" is the song that stuck with me the most, mainly because of the cool slide guitar part that shows up mid song. But saying that all three songs on this sample of what's to come are very unique, especially if you consider all the boring cookie-cutter stuff that Maximum Rock 'n' Roll is calling crust these days.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Angels Of Darkness

Here is something for all you poor souls that missed out on Earth last night at The End. It may not be as good as standing in front of Dylan Carlson and Co. as they put you into a hypnotic trance, but on the upside of things Carlson said they would be back next year and plan to tour more regularly. Until then, listen to this album to ease the pain.

Friday, September 16, 2011


The Self-titled first release by Marj was a breathe of fresh air. Not saying that I don't love hardcore, Punk, Metal etc. but at the time there were practically no bands with a melodic tinge to their music in Nashville that I cared about. Taking influence from post-punk, math and other genres they started the foundation for what they wanted to sound like. Crowd favorites "Outerspace" and "Prophet Omega" (though "Nerve Impulses" is my personal favorite) are still asked for consistently and this came out in 2007, so obviously you can see the staying power this album has . The music may not be as Mathy and erratic as their second release "America's Latest Emotional Problems", but what this album does have is songs that will get stuck in your head for days and days. Absolutely crucial.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This is one of those Nashville bands that a lot of people who didn't come to shows in 2008 probably missed out on. Mankind was a band that was centered around The Anchor. Some of you might not know what The Anchor is/was (not sure if it's still open) and for many non-christians that makes perfect sense. The Anchor was a church that happened to have awesome shows from time to time, thanks to the lead singer of Mankind. The fact that this band has some christian overtones going on might turn off a lot of you young Jebus-hating punks, but you would be missing out on a great hardcore band if you stopped reading now. The truth about Mankind is that yes, they had some christian themes thrown into the mix but what is said on this demo is not overtly preachy or over-zealous and falls more into questioning conforming to stereotypical christian beliefs. The music on this demo is crushing, and very energetic, with some obvious influences from some bands from this area that closed up shop and moved to Portland, along with some more current hardcore influences. As far as I know this was the only thing released by Mankind, which is a huge bummer. So to anyone who wasn't dumb enough to be scared off by the word christian and is still reading this post, enjoy and relish the fact that you weren't such a closed minded jerk-off to pass up some awesome music.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Underneath the shiny facade of scholastic achievement in Knoxville lies a rumbling of something much less wholesome. That rumbling is coming from the amps of Argentinum Astrum. Bleak and noisy, with tortured screams that sound like they come from a man that has become all too frustrated with the daily trappings of life. This is the type of doom that Argentinum Astrum plays. The one song offered on this album is a 26 minute long assault on your ears, going from drone-heavy doom to a blistering black metal pace and then back to the doom. This is the bands first self titled album put out on Anti-Corporate. Listen to it, enjoy it, and I promise the next post I put up won't be an Anti-Corp band, for diversity's sake. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


The time is finally upon us, The Dawn/Brainwreck 7" release show is in a mere sixteen hours. I know I'm late on this and probably should of posted this already but I've been slacking, I admit that. Anyway as I said the show is today so I felt it necessary to post the Dawn self titled album to show how this band has evolved (for the people who never saw this period of the band or were too stoned to remember). I'm not gonna go on too much about this album because for most of you it needs no explanation. For those of you who don't know, in this phase Dawn was much more of a straight ahead hardcore band than they are now. Ripping through nine songs in fourteen minutes (Their new stuff goes by even faster) this album is a quick listen, so enjoy the album and come to the show to pick up the new 7".

Dawn/Brainwreck 7" Release Show, Skate Session, and Kegger
Sept. 11th 2011

Brainwreck (Official last show)

@ The World Trade Center
Skate sesh starts at 6pm show starts at 7pm
Show is free!