Thursday, June 23, 2011

Black death spreads

Before Jeff The Brotherhood decided to add Brotherhood to their name and before Cy Barkley started writing Ramones inspired songs about duster, there was The Tennessee Black Plague. In the very evil year of 2002 Jake, Jamin, and Cy grabbed an old boss sampler and a guitar and started writing noisy songs about the black plague hitting Nashville, TN. What followed were a couple great shows at Guido's and this recording released under the now Nationally known Infinity Cat label that the Orrall brothers created. The six songs on this ep are full of feedback, scratchy drum machines, distorted vocals, and a whole lot of tongue in cheek attitude (which all of the Orrall's projects were filled with at the time). From what I can tell at this point most of these early Infinity Cat recordings are now permanently out of print, so I will occasionally throw some on here so everyone can see what life was like before Be Your Own Pet.

                                      The Tennessee Black Plague

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