Friday, June 24, 2011

Fuck Yeah

With the eminent release of the Brainwreck/Dawn split on the horizon I thought it would be appropriate to post up some Brainwreck for anyone who has never heard them (if you're from Nashville and have never heard of them, shame on you) or for anyone who never got a copy of the great No Power ep. Brainwreck is one of the few straight up hardcore bands that came into the Nashville underground scene in the past few years and were welcomed with flailing bodies and clenched fists when they played live. Their style of Hardcore was a mixture of fuck everything hardcore and power violence that made their shows erupt into a frenzy. When people went to a show that Brainwreck was playing they always knew they were gonna wake up with a bang-over the next day at the least. This ep is short, loud, pretty lo-fi, and is filled with all the energy that goes into a good hardcore album. Honestly I could talk about how great this band was for days so I'm gonna let the music say the rest. The last thing I will say is that they are planning to have an official last show/reunion show (date is still TBA) for the release of the split, so put that on your to-do list right above going completely ape-shit.


                                                        No Power

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  1. fuck yeah... fuck yeah... FUCK YEAH
    Release show is August 27th at the towers