Monday, September 26, 2011

Pills, injections, and psychosis

Named after a anti-psychotic, Haldol is definitely manic to say the least. Featuring members of Karoshi and Brainwreck, Haldol plays a mixture of crust, goth, surf and what ever other influences pop into the head of Geoff Smith late at night while he reads Dostoyevsky. This is only half of their upcoming EP titled "Contradictions" but from what I hear from these three songs it is something you will wanna pick up for sure when they finally press it. "Conversations With Holy Men" is the song that stuck with me the most, mainly because of the cool slide guitar part that shows up mid song. But saying that all three songs on this sample of what's to come are very unique, especially if you consider all the boring cookie-cutter stuff that Maximum Rock 'n' Roll is calling crust these days.

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