Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To worship an ass

Today I'm taking it all the way back to 2001. Have you ever looked at the Nashville punk scene and thought "man all this punk is dark as hell" well when I first heard this band and some of the other bands (such as From Ashes Rise) from the area that's what I thought. Asschapel just blew me away end of story. This is straight up thrashy crust that hates you and all of your friends. Highlights of the album are "Burn The Eyes" and "Total Worship", but the whole album is killer. At this point you might ask me what a Moog synthesizer is doing on this album, and my only response is that this is Nashville and our scene is in the business of messing with the boundaries of genres, and business is good.

                                               Total Fucking Worship

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