Tuesday, July 12, 2011


With a name meaning "death from overworking" you kind of already know what mood Karoshi was going for and they pulled that mood off very well. Ichi was Karoshi's only full length release as a band, though they also released a 7" ep that you can still get from the Anti-Corp distro. The music is a mixture of crust, screamo, and much more (if you truly want to know every single influence, ask Geoff I'm sure he will tell you in great detail if you sound truly interested). This music is not just a whole bunch of eco-political ranting with music thrown over it, unlike most crust you hear coming out these days. In this music you can actually feel the pure emotion running through it, and that was why Karoshi was so refreshing. If you liked what you heard on this album, expect a posthumous release of the last songs that the band wrote sometime in the near future.

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